A global leader in drilling and well servicing, Ensign works in the world’s most extreme conditions. We offer powerful solutions through our expertise and a full slate of land-based services for oil, gas and geothermal energy. With our global resources we can handle your most daunting logistical challenges.

We continually strive for excellence. It demands consistency in every aspect of our business. But it is why we are trusted to deliver safe and reliable services and solutions, worldwide.


Ensign has extensive operations throughout the large resource plays of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) providing drilling, well servicing, testing and equipment rentals. We also provide coring drilling services in support of oil sands development, slant drilling and well servicing for steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) applications.

United States

Ensign is one of the largest land-based drilling contractors in the U.S., with a dominant position in the Rocky Mountain and California regions and a growing presence in the southern U.S.

Australia, New Zealand and Elsewhere

Ensign specializes in drilling for all forms of hydrocarbon and geothermal wells in Australia and New Zealand. We also have a presence in prolific basins in South America and Africa.  

Our Fleet

With an extensive conventional and automated rig fleet, Ensign provides premium drilling for:
  • Oil, oil sands, natural gas, coal bed methane and geothermal reserves 
  • High-pressure and high-temperature wells
  • Long-reach horizontal to deep vertical wells
  • 800 metres (3,000 feet) to 6,000 metres (20,000 feet)
  • Underbalanced and managed pressure drilling
  • Arctic, equatorial and desert environments, and everywhere in between

Our Safety and Environmental Commitment

Safety and environmental stewardship are top priorities for Ensign.

When we think safety, we mean safety for all—our employees, our customers and all other stakeholders. We have created a strong safety culture through our Company-wide Driving to Zero® injury and incident reduction program.

We also strive to protect the environment in which we work and live. As with all aspect of our business, we strive for continuous improvement. It is our responsibility to current and future generations.





Our drilling fleet is comprised of over 300 conventional and directional rigs, and over 115 well servicing rigs deployed throughout North and South America, Australia, and the Middle East.

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