Pressure Drilling Services​

ADR 1500S

Ensign is one of the largest suppliers of managed pressure and underbalanced drilling in Canada. We offer the newest, safest and most advanced drilling technologies in the industry. This adaptive drilling process to control annular pressure consists of RCD, choke and surface control equipment.

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Increase your well economics: optimize your wellbore stability and productivity with Ensign's managed pressure and underbalanced drilling solutions.

Advantages of Pressure Drilling Services

Prevention/Reduction of Formation Damage
  • Decrease clean up time
  • Increase well productivity
  • Increase ultimate recovery
Reduce Drilling Problems/Improved Drilling Performance
  • Eliminate differential sticking
  • Limit drilling fluid losses
  • Increase rate of penetration
Increase Reservoir Knowledge
  • Well testing while drilling
  • Identify prolific zones
  • Production steering