​Drilling: Right Team, Right Machines

Drill Faster, Reduce Costs

Today, Ensign drills wells in half the time it took just 10 years ago. And we are industry leaders in the application of technology and practices that reduce well costs while improving safety performance.

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Our fit-for-purpose rigs and innovative drilling solutions provide unparalleled efficiency:

  • Over 200 drilling rigs worldwide—1,000 HP to 3,000 HP;
  • 66% of fleet is 1,000HP or less
  • 27% of fleet is 1,500 HP
  • 7% of fleet is 2,000 HP or greater
  • More than 2/3 of our worldwide drill rig fleet are ADR®s

Our new drilling rigs, such as our proprietary ADR®, are designed and assembled at Ensign facilities in Nisku, Alberta and Houston, Texas.

Healthier for the Environment

The layout and compact size of the ADR® requires a smaller footprint, reducing impacts on terrain and vegetation.

Safer for the Crew

Ensign pioneered rig technology that protects workers and reduces industrial accidents.

Ensign’s ADR® advantages include:

  • Self-moving and self-walking 
  • Fast, modular rig-up/rig-down requiring no cranes
  • Move and set up two to three times faster than conventional rigs
  • 10 ADR® models developed to date

Automated Drill Rigs (ADR®)

ADR®1500S: The Next-Generation Full-Sized Walking Rig

ADR 1500S

Our customers asked for a more powerful rig to drill long lateral sections in horizontal wells and a more agile rig to move from pad to pad quickly. We delivered both – and more.

Download Our ADR® 1500S Brochure

Our proprietary Automated Drill Rig (ADR®) is purpose-built, fast, flexible, scalable, versatile and automated. Compared to conventional rigs, it offers improved safety and a reduced environmental footprint.


Walk with Accuracy

The ADR® 1500S walks on both X+Y axes for the best mobility and flexibility of any rig on the market.

Safe from Ground to Mast

Ensign pioneered rig technology that protects workers and reduces industrial accidents.

Move Faster

The ADR® 1500S transports faster than other full-sized rigs.

Drill Efficiently

The ADR® 1500S lets you build stands offline, while you drill.

Customized Rig Builds

Ensign specializes in collaborative, customized rig design. If your operations have special requirements, we'll create a team of Ensign engineers, procurement experts and construction managers to work directly with you. Together, we'll meet the challenge–always respecting your time and budget.

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