​Directional Drilling: Experts in accuracy and unparalleled service.

Ensign is a leader in horizontal and directional drilling, successfully completing over 5,000 directional drilling projects since 2006.

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We’re a team of innovators with expertise in deep, complex and challenging wells. Committed to consistency, we work hard to ensure that every aspect of the planning process is aligned to ensure downtime is minimized and production is maximized. We form a partnership with our clients, working in collaboration with them, providing engineering support and continuously monitoring the performance of their wells. We’re among the strongest consolidated energy services companies with rigs operating worldwide, including our flagship Automated Drilling Rigs (ADR®s).

You can count on us to deliver. Every time. On time. All the time.

We’re Proud of Our Efficiency.

We’re so confident in our integrated drilling rig and directional drilling services that we offer the Ensign Downtime Protection Plan, crediting customers for any directional drilling downtime.


Well Planning: Expert Teams Deliver a Seamless Experience

Optimal wellbore placement and optimization, improved reservoir recovery and mitigated risk of collision in highly congested reservoirs.

Ensign’s Directional Well Planning Team works collaboratively with you to understand the operational expectations and the technical challenges of your specific formations. Every detail and aspect are expertly planned and plotted to get your wells designed properly. Each well includes a detailed plot highlighting critical information such as:

  • Hard boundaries
  • Existing wells
  • Formation tops
  • Surface layouts for drilling pads

We’re especially detailed in anti-collision planning to ensure your wells are planned accurately, efficiently and safely. In addition to our standard Measurement While Drilling (MWD) surveys, Ensign offers Interpolation In-Field Referencing (IIFR) and real-time Multi-Survey Analysis (MSA) for increased quality and accuracy.


Better Data, Lower Risk

Ensign’s Directional Drilling package includes optional Torque and Drag Analysis, providing accurate modelling and analysis of the loads acting on the tubulars to mitigate risk and enable fast, effective decisions.

Our software and data-interpretation team can determine limitations in the length of a horizontal well based on friction factors and the required weight to the bit. By analyzing downhole tensile and torsional forces, you can calculate drilling rig specifications for torque and hook load.

Easy-To-Read Torque and Drag Analysis Features

  • Survey tortuosity
  • Drilling, back reaming, rotating and tripping operations
  • Soft and stiff string models
  • Buckling calculations
  • Side-Force analysis report
  • Sensitivity analysis on friction factor
  • Friction factor calibration
  • US oil field, SI and customized units
  • Excel®, text or PDF® file


Maximized Uptime and Efficiency

In directional drilling, comprehensive daily reporting is essential. Ensign reports are designed to improve Rate Of Penetration (ROP), reduce operating time and ultimately, exceed your expectations.

Download our EnSight MWD™ Well Performance Optimization spec sheet for more information.

EnSight MWD™ Well Performance Optimization Spec Sheet

From pre-planning to review of performance on completion of the well, Ensign’s directional services encompass all aspects of the process:

  • Remote computer-based monitoring capability and skilled crews
  • Well plans developed in-house using the latest directional software, including anti-collision, torque and drag analysis, multi-leg wells, high density pad design and pad design optimization
  • Downhole Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and high performance motors matched to specific applications, well design and rig capabilities
  • State-of-the-art Electro-Magnetic (EM) and Mud Pulse MWD technology with gamma modules including inclination and gamma at bit measurements
  • Conventional directional and horizontal drilling
  • Multi-well pad drilling
  • Underbalanced directional and horizontal drilling
  • Slim-hole re-entry services
  • Short-radius drilling applications
  • Well monitoring
  • Performance motors


EnSight MWD™ Services

Built Tough for Demanding Environments

Ensign is a leading supplier of MWD services. We offer a range of systems for applications.

Download our EnSight MWD™ spec sheets for more information.

EnForce™ Mud Motors

Satellite-Grade Toughtness

To accommodate increased torque requirements in the industry, Ensign’s innovative directional drilling team identified and tested new materials and incorporated them into the design of our Enforce™ high-performance positive-displacement mud motors.

Our motors incorporate a superior bearing-pack and drive system constructed with satellite grade materials. Our adjustable bent housings deliver high makeup torques that reduce the risk of back-off. Multiple fixed bend settings are available in 5”, 6.5”, 8” and 9 5/8” motors.

Motor Shop

EnForce™ Mud Motors are built to perform. Ensign’s dedicated motor shop provides comprehensive pre-run and post-run inspections on all stators and rotors. We conduct failure analysis on all faulty equipment, including engineering and design changes for damaged components.

Download our EnForce™ spec sheets for more information.