For wells that require directional expertise, Ensign offers a unique, effective solution.
Your rig is manned with a single, united crew.

Our industry-leading directional experts and proven drillers work together as an integrated team. You reduce your risk, save time, lower your costs–and get an excellent wellbore.


The Ensign Downtime Protection Plan

We’re so confident in the efficiency and skill of our integrated drilling rig and directional drilling services that when you choose an Ensign united crew solution, you’ll receive our exclusive Downtime Protection Plan. It’s our promise that you won’t be billed for rig and/or directional downtime. Compared with industry-standard drilling contracts, that can amount to a significant saving. You get the well. We take the risk.

Save Time and Money. Don’t Compromise Quality.

The Ensign united crew solution is a leaner, more efficient way to achieve a superior wellbore. The crew is a tight team, led by experts, working with Ensign’s industry-leading technology. The Ensign Downtime Protection Plan ensures your costs stay on track. The Ensign team is your guarantee of an excellent result.

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