​Training Our Employees

As a global drilling and services company, we train our workers to make safety a part of all their activities every day, both on and off the job.

Training starts on the first day of employment and is reinforced continuously and daily through: job safety analysis programs, personal injury prevention training, safety coaching, daily pre-job safety meetings and daily work observation practices.

Driver safety continues to be a key area of focus for Ensign. With company vehicles being driven all around the world, our divisions are working diligently on their fleet programs to reduce collision and ticketing rates from inspections, and thereby protect our employees and the public.

Global Skills Standard

Our enterprise-wide Global Skills Standard (GSS) system initiated in 2012 captures data about training, performance and experience of rig-crew members around the world to ensure they receive equivalent levels of technical and behavioural training. This creates a global, high standard of competency in Ensign employees applied to any jurisdiction in the world.

Safety Stand Down

Ensign’s Safety Stand Down is a Company-wide initiative designed to reinforce our commitment to workers’ safety.

During Safety Stand Down, which is held twice a year Company-wide, Ensign’s senior executives visit job sites in the field to raise awareness about safety issues with our frontline workers, customers and subcontractors.

Our frontline workers—the crews who work on our rigs and employees who interact regularly with our customers—form the largest group in our workforce. Most of our recordable incidents and injuries occur within this group, particularly among crews working together for the first time or those who are new to their job.

We change the theme for Safety Stand Down each year in order to focus attention on specific policies and practices.