We are driving to a destination called "zero" - zero safety incidents, zero injuries and zero days off work due to injury. Our Driving to Zero® vision means accepting that every incident is preventable, which is an idea that has helped us improve our safety performance. Ensign continues to have one of the most efficient safety fleets in the world today. We know that comes down to every person thinking and living safety every day. Unique to Ensign, our Global Risk Management System (GRMS) captures data from all our operations so performance metrics can be trended, shared and analyzed down to rig level, ensuring every Ensign employee in every location around the globe is actively engaged in best in class safety practices.


1) We actively work to reduce, reuse, recycle and reclaim materials used in our operations.
2) As we innovate and develop new technologies, we strive to use environmentally friendly procedures and materials.
3) All incidents that could affect the environment are dealt with on a timely basis to ensure that they are properly contained.
4) Our divisions have comprehensive emergency response plans that address environmental issues.

Our key focus areas include: